About us

Dear friends,

Let us introduce our company Virtuves Lietas (SIA Edimar), which was founded in 2012 and is the official distributor of one of the oldest Japanese knives manufacturers, Tojiro Co. Ltd.

SIA Edimar was founded to become a pioneer in quality knives market in Baltic states. We are convinced that for centuries the proven Japanese quality and tradition is a key factor in the global dynamic development in the use of Japanese kitchen knives. Their growing popularity is clearly associated with high quality and experience in the manufacture of blades, involving the latest technologies in the manufacture of knives and their usually simple but well thought-out "oriental" design.

Tojiro Co. Ltd. Is one of the leading manufacturers of multi-layer knives and is among the best manufacturers of kitchen knives in the world. Since its inception, the company has conducted many studies and experiments to achieve the highest quality. A method for hardening knives DP (Deep Cobalt) in a laminated blade was developed, which is standard for TOJIRO products and provides maximum hardness and wear resistance. All knives TOJIRO handmade, executed with love from Japanese craftsmen.

TOJIRO knives have won many awards. Especially the knives Santoku and Usuba, as well as some other chef knives were awarded Good Design by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry in 1983, and in 1996 - for Long Life Design. At present, the company Tojiro Co. Ltd produces more than 800 kinds of products and is among the top five in the world.

CERTIFICATE of the official importer / seller of TOJIRO brand products: