Warranty and return policy

We respect each our customer and always try to find a compromise on outstanding issues, because each purchase in our shop have to bring а joy!

We guarantee that the goods conform to the specification at the time of purchase, and has no hidden defects. All goods has a standard 2-year warranty on manufacturing defects. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or misuse of the product.

The Law on Consumer Protection provides that the consumer is entitled to a refund of quality goods for two weeks from the date of purchase if the product is purchased through the Internet.

The warranty does not cover improper usage that results in defects, dents, cuts, breakages and other damage to knife. Examples of improper usage, which may result in the warranty being voided include the following: throwing, pounding, prying, striking, hacking of hard objects for which the knife is not designed for*; overheating the knife or any part of it; incorrect maintenance of mechanisms or other parts; improper storage in harsh environments and storing without cleaning and care; attempting to repair or modify and other similar actions.

Attention! Japanese high carbon knives not designed for cutting bones or other hard materials. Small breaks of japanese knife’s cutting edge after cutting hard products – is not warranty case, but a result of improper use of the knife. Appearance of rust on carbon knives – is not a warranty case, but a result of improper care of the knife. Please work gently!

   Do not wash your knives in the dishwasher. If the knife designed for the cleaning in washing machine the temperature be below of 180 C. The function of a knife is cutting and using it for purposes other than that is not covered by warranty. Knives are not suitable for prying or pounding, therefore blade tip breakage is not included in the warranty. Please match your tools to tasks – use the cutting edge to cut and your knife will proudly serve you indefinitely long.

In warranty case please contact with our customer service info@virtuveslietas.lv