Outdoor Edge Game Prcessor butchering set
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The Game-Processor is the most complete portable butchering set for preparing big game, waterfowl, wild turkey, small game and fish.  This set also doubles as great set of cutting tools for outdoor cooking. The Game-Processor includes the four most practical blade designs for butchering; a 3” Caping knife, 4” Skinner, 5-1/2” Boning-Fillet knife and an 8” Butcher knife for carving turkeys, steaks and roasts. Each knife incorporates full-tang construction for superior strength and is taper ground to a razor’s edge from high carbon 420 stainless steel. Ergonomic Kraton handles are designed for comfort during long use and the rubberized texture pattern enables a secure lock-on grip even when wet. The Game-Processor comes complete with a Tungsten-Carbide V-sharpener, Carving Fork, wood-bone saw, heavy duty game shears, cutting board, ribcage spreader and a set of latex game cleaning gloves. All twelve pieces store in a hard side carry case.

Caping Blade: 4.3” / 10.8cm 
Overall: 9.1” / 23.2 cm

Skinner Blade: 4.5” / 11.5cm 
Overall: 9.5” / 24.1 cm

Boning Blade: 5.9” / 15.0cm 
Overall: 10.8” / 27.5 cm

Butcher Blade: 8.3” / 21.0cm 
Overall: 13.2” / 33.5cm 
Knife Steel: 420J2 Stainless

Saw Blade: 10.2” / 25.8cm 
Overall: 15.4” / 39.0 cm

Saw Steel: 65 Mn with chrome coat
Weight: 5.9lbs / 2.7kg


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