Knife sharpener HAPSTONE V7
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The versatility of the device is the ability to set any angle sharpening knife blades and abrasives use virtually any size. Due to the design sharpeners Hapstone V7 angle between the blade and abrasive does not change, whereby the knife can be brought to the state of the razor.

  sharpener, abrasives for sharpening (3 pieces), a marker for monitoring the angle of sharpening, instructions and boxes for storage and transportation.

The new version of sharpening Hapstone V7 system has a number of differences in comparison with previous Hapstone versions, among which are:

1. Assembling without keys.

You do not need now is to look for the desired key, and takes care of a saved his possession. All manipulations with the sharpener can make hands without the use of additional tools.

2. Increased sharpening angles.

The new version of sharpeners, thanks to the low profile the clamping nut and the changed mounting rail, managed to increase sharpening angles from 11 to 44 degrees.

3. Lightweight horizontal rail.

Through the use of solid duralumin alloy was able to significantly reduce the weight of the guide, fully retaining its functionality.

4. Convenient innovations.

Through the use of a narrow clamping frame, convenient parking and the front three-point abutment has improved functionality and ease of use sharpener.

5. Increased resistance.

Maximum ectopic to the front edge sharpeners "T" -shaped leg increases the stability of sharpeners and prevents any hints on tipping during operation.

6. Reliable fixation sites.

As the hinge block and used restrictive rigid coupling rings. This led to increased fixation parts and eliminate the possibility of accidental displacement during operation.

7. Smooth operation and clarity.

The hinge joint with an embedded PTFE bushing is now working more precisely, eliminate all the possible backlash. And the same it does not require constant cleaning and lubrication.


Product has a number of distinctive features that make it unique among similar products in the world market:

- all the parts are made of metal and covered with powder paint which provides excellent coverage and excellent resistance to mechanical damage;

- HAPSTONE PRO system is supplied with universal stone holder made of aluminum which is suitable for installation of sharpening stones ranging in size from 10 to 20 cm length;

- stone holder is designed so that you can put into it forms with bevels at 45 degrees and 90 degrees;

- blade table of HAPSTONE PRO system is covered with rubber and is supplied with neodymium magnet to facilitate knife fastening and sharpening process;

- HAPSTONE PRO system is supplied with aluminum guide which can be used as a holding strap to a more reliable fastening of the knife;

- HAPSTONE PRO System is vibration resistant due to rubber tips on the supporting legs.


Versatility device is the ability to set any angle sharpening knife blades and abrasives virtually any size. Due sharpener Hapstone angle between the knife and the abrasive is not changed, whereby the knife can be brought to the shaving state.

Machine technical features

Overall dimensions and weight:

  • machine dimension (ready to work)  60,5х17х26 cm
  • package dimension  39х29х8 cm
  • horizontal guide 60,5 cm
  • machine weight 2,7 kg

Hapstone features:

  • all the parts metal made
  • all the clamps are versatile applicable for different sized abrasives (up to 25 cm length)
  • the stand with indicating marks of 15, 18,20,25,30 degrees of grinding angels
  • the set is packed with level disk which allows to use different width abrasives maintaining the chosen grinding angel (for more detail see the video)
  • machine and blade adjacent spots are rubberized (the mat to put the blade on and a lower part of the holding strap)
  • the blade rubberized mat is supplied with magnet to ease grinding process
  • turning pulley metal made
  • metal stop is available to use as a holding strap for more safe fixing
  • machine is vibration resistant due to its rubber attachment
  • packaging box is available
  • 5 years manufacturer warranty

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