Knife sharpener Deluxe Diamond Taidea
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Product Features:

1. Diamond stones of variable grits for different sharpening demand.

2. Multiple selectable sharpening angles meet different knives requirements.

3. Scientifically formulated honing oil for better sharpening performance.


Using introduction:

1. Assembly Instructions

A.Open the angle setters and secure them by slide locks as shown in the picture. Please make sure the two angle setters are in a straight line and are vertical with the angle clamp.

B.Loosen the front screw of knife clamp to accommodate the thickness of blade. Attach the knife clamp to back or spine of knife blade at the center of knife blade. Tighten front screw and the black thumb screw to hold knife securely.

C.Screw the alignment rod into the hole of the stone holder. Tighten the round mount at the bottom of the handle. Insert the handle into the hole of the knife clamp then put the sharpener on a stable surface.

2.Sharpening Instructions

A. Drop some honing oil on the stone. Place the alignment rod in the hole of the angle setter for your desired sharpening angle.

B. One hand holds the handle, the other holds the stone holder. Beginning with the coarse stone and then to the fine. Using slight and constant pressure, sharpen the knife from its heel to its point. Repeat 3-5 times.

C. When one blade is sharp, flip over the knifeclamp and repeat the steps till the knife is sharp enough.


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